Hi, I am Yolan

As a passionate biomedical engineer and surfer, I am dedicated to having a global positive impact


A little bit about me

I'm an open-minded and ambitious person, taking every challenge as an opportunity to learn. I love working with people and I tend to get the best out of everyone. Listening and planning skills help me to pull the team forward, achieving always-improving results, together.


What I want to achieve

A positive impact on the planet and its people. I want to use my passion for graphic design and computer science to inspire and motivate the many. By building digital tools that leverage the internet more people can understand the ideas that will change the world.


Everything starts with a vision


To have an impact in this world is to share your ideas and to have the many understand them.


To succeed in whatever you do is to always be open minded to improving yourself.


Great victories are always shared and achieved only when the individual opens its ears and listens.


On the road to understanding, one has to become free from the values that make up their own reality.


Measure to drive impact


You better get your brand online

Growth of retail sales through e-commerce worldwide since 2015.


You better have a responsive website

Global website traffic through mobile devices.


You better optimise your website's SEO

Internet searches globally going through Google's search engine.


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